Deposits and Payment

Deposits at my discretion will be required depending on the booking prior to the session and I will notify you of this and must be cleared before our date.
If you are booking at Discrete Dinner Package a 50% deposit is required.
Deposits can be made:
– Beemit
– Cash at ATM Machine
– Gift Certificate
– https://www.wishtender.com/mariahart

At the commencement of the date please pay cash or if a deposit has been paid the balance by cash in an unsealed envelope or in a greeting card.


If you need to cancel I require cancellation of 24 hours notice. If you cancel the same day deposits are non-refundable.


All services are at my discretion and depend how comfortable I am with you, your hygiene and your manners.
I reserve the right to terminate the booking without refund if you are intoxicated or my health is at risk.
I do no cater for hard core or PSE, I am not your girl for such services.
Screening is essential and will not be negotiated.
I ask that you do not wear any cologne as I am allergic to perfumes and do not want to take away the enjoyment of our date.
All information provided to me is fully secure and kept strictly confidential.

Please do not haggle with my rates as I will not see you.


In you would like to give me a gift I appreciate the gesture.
– a tip
– Westfield Gift Card
– Visa Gift Card
– Roses (I love the colour pink)
– Gerbras
– https://www.wishtender.com/mariahart


For outcalls please shower before the booking, however, I will request that you freshen up.
Please ensure foreskin (if you have) is completely pulled back and washed thoroughly with soap. Please brush your teeth before the booking and freshen up with mouthwash.
For incalls, I will provide a fresh towel, soap, mouth wash and deodorant.


I do not offer filming or photographs during bookings. If you would like filming or photographs there are other sex providers who offer this service. If you are caught with a hidden camera taking images or filming the booking will be immediately cancelled, no refund and the police will be called.


I am available for incalls on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Outcalls in the CBD at a 4-5*- hotel.
I do not visit private residences.
If requested, I can offer an incall in the CBD but only on 24 hours notice with deposit and cleared.
For my Discrete Dinner Package 72 hours notice is required to book with deposit and cleared.

Practice of Safe Sex

No “rough play” on me. I provide a slow pace.
At all times I use condoms for oral sex and sexual intercourse. This is non-negotiable so please don’t ask for natural.
Condom tampering is dangerous and illegal behaviour. Please do not break the condom or remove the condom without the consent of all parties. If this occurs during a booking, the session will immediately cease and reported to the police.
I do not do anal and shorter booking oral is not allowed on me.
I am regularly tested for STI.
Pushing my boundaries for an activity I do not provide and ignoring “no”, the session will cease and a refund will not be provided. “No means No”.  By me not consenting to any activity is a cause for me to call the police.


If you have any signs of a cold or cold sores or signs of STI I will cancel the booking.
If you come to a booking and have not disclosed to me that you have an STI, the session is cancelled with no refund.
Please do not come to a booking intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
I ask that you come cleanly shaven with no stubble if you do not have a beard.
Please do not wear any cologne as I am allergic to perfumes and do not wish to take away the enjoyment of our date. 
I reserve the right to terminate the booking without refund if my health is at risk.


When contacting me, please provide the information requested on my Contact Page, full name, profession, etc.  This will save time going backward and forward to make a booking.  If a deposit is requested, it is not negotiable.
Screening may also consist depending if it is an outcall or outcall:

  • An ID check
  • Proof of hotel booking or Air BnB booking if you are requesting an outcall to a hotel

If a deposit is requested, it is not negotiable.
If you are not comfortable with the screen requirements, that is your discretion, but you will have to find another provider.
This information is not retained and will be treated with discretion. This is to secure my safety.