Sex Toys for Men

Sexual health wellbeing for men is being more recognised in society. With social media, wellness influencers and a more people being open about their masculinity and sexuality have contributed to discussions about male sexual health and pleasure.  So sex toys are not just out there for women but there are a range and variety of sex toys designed explicitly for men.

I have read some surveys and articles and they say that men masturbate an average of 155 times per year which is almost three times per week.

So according to science, masturbation, prostate massage and using sex toys can be life saving for men. Masturbation can lower your prostate cancer risk, improve heart health, boost immunity and if you orgasm once or twice a week help you live longer. Being sexual has a protective affect for men’s health.

If you have sexual problems ie erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido and post surgical problems research has found that using a male vibrating can restore orgasm with penile vibratory stimulation.

There are new brands and high tech vibrators out there for men. So sex toys are not just for women, men you can please yourself and look after your well being for pleasure.

Some brands out there are Lelo, Lovehoney, Arcwaver and  Durex. 

(I am not affiliated with any of these brands and you should speak to your doctor if you have any concerns about using sex toys).