Spring has Sprung

Spring is in the air as we say goodbye winter. It’s that time of the year I love when I can start to put away the winter woollies, open the windows and doors to breathe in that fresh spring air.

Just feeling the warm sun on my body makes my mood feel better and take away the winter blues. The days become longer and warmer.

It’s also a time to plant some spring flowers and enjoy them as they bloom.  I planted some Polyanthus. Of course, mainly pink as that is a favourite colour for me with flowers. Mind you as we had a warmish winter, I think the flowers had begun to bloom a little earlier than normal.

For me it’s time to get out and take longer walks enjoy that fresh air at the beach or in the country.

I’m available for bookings for a country road trip to enjoy the fresh air and nature or to the beach.


2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung”

  1. That is the spirit, embrace everything Spring has to offer with passion. Through your words I can detect a sparkle in your eyes a revitalised person with a renewed lust to enjoy life. You only love once, so go girl have fun out in the fresh air have great Spring and fun times that go with it.
    While Spring is around will have plan a trip to see you and enjoy some fun times in your lovely company.
    Good to see you are posting new adventures on your blog. Enjoy you sharing these times.
    Robert X

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Its great to get out and feel the warmer days. I would love to spend some fun times in your company. xx

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